Stuart Smith airbrushman7@yahoo.com (231) 834-0457


Client Comments:

"Stuart's fantastic airbrushing gives us a great advantage over other haunts in our area.  We are so excited to have Stuart as part of the team!"  --Robbie Yarbrough, Sloss Fright Furnaces, Birmingham, AL "Other people's work does not compare to Stuart's!" -- Mark Gildersleeve, Creative Director for Paramount Parks "Stuart is a great guy and easy to work with.  He has excellent original artwork at a great price.  His warped mind and mastery of 3D artwork is a fantastic addition to our show this year."  --Ben Armstrong, Netherworld, Atlanta, GA

"...Eye popping artwork by Stuart Smith."  --Fangoria Magazine "Our profits went up by 20% in our arcade after Stuart used his magic to create a fun and exciting atmosphere."  --Tim Coats, Laser Tag & Amusements, West Monroe, LA "I'm a professional actor, but when I worked at a haunt Stuart had worked on I found it hard to concentrate on scaring the customers, because his artwork is so awesome; it's almost alive!" --   Rex B. Hamilton  "Bloody Wicked!" - customer at Thorpe Park, London


Projects 2012 Projects 2012
Taman Safari, Indonesia w/ SIEC Hotel Hell, TX
Blood Manor, NY Waverly Manor, KY
Pure Terror, NY Yule Forest, VA
Blake's Freaky Farm, MI Tanganyika Wildlife Park, KS
Laser Tag & Games, LA Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL
Deceased Farm, SC Laser Planet, CT
Houston Terror Dome, TX Field of Screams, PA
Screampark, KY Trail of Terror, CT
Field of Screams, CA Nightmare in the Country, OK
Eville Studios, IN Home Haunt, FL
Skeletons Lair, KY Airbrushing Art Class, OH
Fear Father, MO Transworld Tradeshow Seminar, MO


Projects 2011

Projects 2011
Dungeon of Doom, WI Buck Hill Ski Resort, MN
Sudden Impact Entertainment, Australia Pure Terror, NY
House of Horrors, NY Castle Fun Center, NY
Deceased Farms, KY Fright Factory, MA
Skeleton's Lair, KY Field of Screams, PA
Waverly Manor, KY Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL
Nightmare New England, MA Fear at Fenway, MA
Hellsmouth Hostel, TX Sudden Impact Entertainment, Indonesia
Castle of Chaos, UT Terror Town, OH
Paducah, KY Canada
Taman Safari, Indonesia w/ SIEC


Projects 2010 Projects 2010
Grant Percussion, MI Miller Feeds, MI
Blood Manor, NY Eccentric Entertainment, MI
Zombie World, NJ NME Muzik
Sudden Impact Ent. Co, HI Skulls, FL
Sudden Impact Ent. Co, AZ Atrox, AL
Fright Kingdom, NH Warehouse #31, FL
Graystone Manor,  Fright Factory
Technical Theater Solutions Disturbia


Projects 2009 Projects 2009
Nights of Fear, MI The Dungeon, OK
Fright Kingdom, NH Nightmare New England, MA
Mackinaw Manor, MI Terror on the Fox, WI
Frightmares, IA Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL
Mayhem Manor, UT Classic Skating
Warehouse #31, FL Q-zar, NY
Sudden Impact Ent. Co., NY



Projects 2008 Projects 2008
Blood Manor, NY Sudden Impact Entertainment Co.
Legend Park, IN The Dungeon
Spookyworld Field of Screams, KY
Nightmare New England Castle of Blood
Fright Kingdom Shocktoberfest
Nights of Fear


Projects 2007 Projects 2007
Little Spider, CO Farmer Ted's, U.K.
Haunting Effects, MI Sudden Impact Entertainment Company, NY
The Dungeon, OK Nightmares, Canada
Crane Orchards, MI Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL
 Hauntfest, WI Zombie World, NJ
Terror on the Fox, WI Laser Tag, MI
Illusions, WI Grant Schools - Marching Band, MI
Splash Down Beach - Davy Jones Locker Great Lakes Percussion, MI


Projects 2006 Projects 2006
Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL Bull Run Farms, OH
Field of Screams, KY Ultimate Terrors, NY with Dark Attractions
Trail of Screams, IL 13 Stories Haunted House, GA with Dark Attractions
Blood Manor, NY Atmospherix, CA
Crane Orchards, MI 13 Ghosts, MA with Boneyard Productions
House of Horrors, NY Terror on the Fox, WI
The Dungeon, OK Hauntfest, WI
Netherworld, GA Shankz Mini Golf, NY with Shankz/Art Attack
Hong Kong, with Pale Eye ProductionsOcean Park,  Q-zar , NY
The Crypt, IA, with Pale Eye Productions Kendall College of Art & Design - Adjunct instructor for Creative Airbrushing, MI 


Projects 2005 Projects 2005
Terror on the Fox , WI Trail of Screams, IL 
The Dungeon, OK  Field of Screams PA
The Dungeon - Christmas, OK Frightmares, IA 
Allan Harris, NJ Laser Planet, CT 
Sloss Fright Furnaces , AL Calvary Church Christmas Program, MI 
Field of Screams, KY Laser Tag & Games, LA 
Shocktoberfest, PA Dungeon of Doom, WI 
Hauntfest, WI Forest of Fright, KY 


Projects 2004  Projects 2004
Terror on the Fox, WI Scaretacular, Canada
The 13th Gate, LA Treedine Farms, SC
Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL Frightmares, IA
Field of Screams, KY Sudden Impact Entertainment Co., PA
Hauntfest, WI Village of Darkness, NJ
Hobbs Grove, CA Frontier Field w/ Boneyard Productions, NY
Dungeon of Doom, WI The Haunt, MI
Atrox Factory, AL 11th Hour - Mobile Haunt, IL
Witches Woods w/ Boneyard Productions, MA Mount Frighten, MI
Jolly Shows w/ Art Attack, MD  Theme Party Productions, CA 
Rascals Golf and Games w/ Art Attack, IN Upswing Marketing, CA
New Hope Bowl w/ Art Attack. MN


Projects 2003 Projects 2003
Holiday Magic Christmas Show, MI Volunteer Fire Department Haunted House, MD
Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL Frightmares, IA
Florida Fright Nights/Clear Channel, FL Rocky Point Haunted House/Ocean Park, Hong Kong site
Dr. Sato's Screamatorium/ Clear Channel, OR Eleventh Hour, IL
Paramount Carowinds, NC Forest of Fright, KY
Sudden Impact Ent./Paramount King's Dominion, VA Trail of Terror, KY
The Haunt, MI Field of Screams, KY
The Haunting, MI McKenzie Lanes, WI
Studio Tek Backdrop, Transworld Show Video Arcade, NY
Top Secret - Alien Adventure, WI Eccentric Entertainment/Glow Zone, MI
Acres of Fun, OH Cross Rising Fog - CD cover, WV
The Lost City - 3D mini golf, MI Compilation CD Artwork, WV


Projects 2002 Projects 2002
Sudden Impact Entertainment, London, England The Crypt, IA
Sudden Impact Entertainment, D.C. Netherworld, GA
Paramount's Carowinds, NC Forest of Fear, MI
Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL The Haunting, MI
Dr. Sato's Screamatorium - Clear Channel, OR Eastern State Penitentiary, PA
The Haunt, MI Adventure Cove, SC
Midnight Terror, KY Scared Stiff Magazine, Illustrations & Cover
Field of Screams, PA Ohio Haunted Conference Banner, OH
Haunted Planet, CO Sudden Impact Entertainment, IX Center, OH
Salem Skate Center, OH POW7 WV Heavy Metal Backdrop, WV
Pumpkin Fest 2002, MI Calvary Church Easter Program, MI
Greeting Card Class, MI


Projects 2001 Projects 2001
Netherworld, GA Scared Stiff Magazine, issues #8,9,10
Digital Light & Sound, Transworld Show XS Lighting & Visualization, Transworld Show
Rocky Point Haunted House, UT Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL
King's Dominion / Paramount Parks, VA The Haunting, MI
King's Island / Paramount Parks, OH The Haunt, MI
Hobb's Grove, CA Scream Machine, MI
Graveyard Productions, AZ Eastern State Penitentiary, PA
Sudden Impact Entertainment, D.C. DWM Productions, TX
Catacombs of Horror, LA Haunted Planet, CO
Zeeland's Great Pumpkin Fest, MI Eccentric Entertainment, MI
Kramer International, MI Q-zar, NY
Laser Storm, WI Lazer Rage, TX


Projects 2000 Projects 2000
Lazer Rage, TX Lazer Works, PA
Scared Stiff Magazine, issue #7 Lost City, MI
Eccentric Entertainment, MI Stratum Lightspeed Entertainment, AZ
Lazer Zone, NY Lost City, MI
Odyssey 1, WA DOA, IAAPA Trade Show
Zap Zone, MI Music Galaxy, MI
Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL The Haunting, MI
Eastern State Penitentiary, PA King's Island, OH
Rocky Point Haunted House, UT


Projects 1999 Projects 1999
Camelot Park/Palace Entertainment, CA Palace Park / Palace Entertainment, CA
Craig's Cruiser's, MI Laser Adventure Cove / Island Putt & Drive, SC
Jungle Land / Laser Troopers, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Laser Tag & Amusements, LA
Royal Crest Bowling Alley and Laser Runner, KS Main Street Teen Center, VA
US Blades/Laserworld, MI Laser Tag & Amusements, LA
Craig's Cruiser's, MI Power Play, TX
Craig's Cruiser's, MI Horizon Fun FX, NY
Sloss Fright Furnaces, AL Nightmare Forest, KY
Madison Scare Gardens, NY
Industrial Nightmare, IN


Projects 1998 Projects 1998
Laser Tag & Games, LA EFX Laser Extreme, TX
Galactic Kombat, GA Fun Junction Entertainment Complex, NC
Laser Works / Gamemasters, Inc., FL Laser Zone, LA
Laser Tag and Games, LA Skateworld, OH
Laser Tag, SC Zap Zone, KY
Zap Zone, MI Dixieland Fun Park, GA
Laser Duel, GA The Skatin' Place, OH
The Event Company, KY Music Galaxy, MI
Loving Touch Christian Day Care, MI Nightmare Forest, KY
Six Flag's Kentucky Kingdom, KY Creepshow Productions, NY


Projects 1996 - 1997 Projects 1996 - 1997
Kramer International, MI Laser Force, MI
Laser Strike, MI Eccentric Entertainment, MI
Zap Zone, MI Jaycees Haunted House, MI