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Stuart and Kris Smith




The Talent behind the Name

Stuart gets his ideas from childhood imaginings, dreams, and nightmares.  He has an excessive imagination that he is able to portray in his artwork, which yields an exciting and original feel to everything he does.  Stuart draws from a never-ending well of new and exciting ideas.

Most amazing is that he does not find it necessary to use an opaque projector or chalk sketches before he sets to work.  Instead, he gets an idea of what the client wants, discussing it in detail, and then proceeds to paint the mural directly on the wall or canvas.  The fact that he does not sketch it out on the canvas first is unheard of, but as you can imagine, it saves an incredible amount of time and energy.  And, as always, if the client is not completely satisfied we are willing to make alterations, however this happens very rarely.



Then and Now

Stuartizm Designs, LLC was born in 1995.  We started out working on adding atmosphere and excitement  to Laser Tag Arenas.  From our resume, you can see that we have completed projects across the U.S. and beyond.  We were the first to introduce a more exciting environment to the laser tag scene by adding a theme to each arena according to the owners ideas.  We have done Alien, Prehistoric, and "Starscape" themes to enhance the entertainment value of the sites we have had the privilege of working on.

In 1997 we added the Haunted venue to our itinerary for both smaller and corporate haunts.  We have taken airbrushing to a new height by making it as integral a part of the haunted houses as propping and pneumatics.  Stuart's style, combined with his talent and imagination, add immeasurable heights to the atmosphere of each haunt.  We enjoy pushing the envelope with new and exciting ideas to bring new life to haunted houses across the nation, as well as in Europe and Asia.  See our RESUME for a full list of our projects.

Recently we have added airbrushed artwork on canvas and vinyl to be used in both laser tag arenas and haunted houses, with the addition of backdrops for bands, theatre, concerts, video arcades, casinos, churches, and the like.  We continue to push the envelope and now offer Invisible and Noctilucent Applications, which uses glow-in-the-dark paints. 

With our 3,000 square foot studio, we are able to create artwork on panels and canvas, as well as sculptures and props.  We are excited about the new things we can offer our clients. 

In all that we do, we strive to help each client get excited about the project.  We do our best to make our time on-site as enjoyable as possible, while creating an environment that will enhance the overall site.  Or we can do the project in our studio and have it shipped to your site.

Though our artwork goes to the aggressive end of the spectrum, it is excellent for not only the haunted and laser tag venues, but also for the heavier side of music, both secular and religious.  We have had the opportunity to work on CD covers, which we greatly enjoy.


The Family Behind the Business

Stuartizm Designs, LLC is a family run company.  We home-schooled our children, so that when we went to the project site they could be with us.  We believe that our family is a top priority, and therefore they are involved in all we do.  Being self-employed has allowed us to be with our children 24/7, and we are a very close knit family.  We have structured our business to enhance our family life, as we believe it should be.  In 2010 we opened a store-front in Mackinaw City, called SKAZM Gifts, which our oldest daughter works at.  We sell all sorts of Stuart's products.  At the end of the 2012 season, our son finished up running SKAZM Gifts for us.  We have since closed that storefront and are planning to continue running it from our property here at home.

In 2006 we moved to a small town (still in Michigan) that is too small to make it on the map.  We are excited about our new adventure and we love living in the country.  Stuart also taught an adjunct continuing studies program at Kendall College of Art and Design.  Stuart enjoyed the opportunity to share his knowledge with his students. 

New for 2013, we have created our first Instructional Video that will make its debut at the Transworld Tradeshow in March.  We've worked on the video for over three years and, as a family, had a great time filming it!  We hope it is enjoyed by many!

We also thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the talent He has given us to use in this venue for His glory.  If it were not for the protection He extends to us as Believers, our business would not have grown to the extent it is now.  We have driven all over this country with only two flat tires and no accidents.  That in itself is a miracle!  We thank our Lord for His continued protection of our family and business!  And we also pray that those whom we come in contact with will find the joy of the Lord, that we depend on every day, for their own lives.

We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you in the near future!  Until then...

God Bless,

Stuart, Kris and kids

Proverbs 16:3  Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.


If you are looking for something fresh and new to help enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create, please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can do for YOU!

airbrushman7@yahoo.com          231-834-0457


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